Our cutting edge technology means you can undertake property transactions with minimum stress and maximum efficiency.

Our conveyancing practice is at the forefront of the industry, with a specialised online portal enabling clients and agents to monitor the progress of their transactions, anywhere, any time.

We exchange and settle transactions electronically, meaning greater certainty and efficiency for you.

We offer fixed professional fees for most transactions.


We are your one-stop-shop for the criminal justice system.

We map your path and outline what you can expect.

We are strong litigators who have worked on high profile cases.

We respectfully and professionally speak on your behalf, no matter what the charge.

We assist fee-paying and legal aid clients.

Come in and find out how we can help you.


Know where you stand and options for moving forward.

We help cut through the emotion to deliver you the best possible outcome.

We aim to settle cases without court intervention, to keep your legal costs down and provide you with certainty.

If litigation is necessary, our team combining experienced court advocates and specialised barristers will help you navigate the process.


Everyone should have a Will and an Enduring Power of Attorney, because you never know what life may throw at you.

It protects your loved ones and delivers certainty that eases the burden following your death.

We offer fixed fees for simple Wills and Enduring Powers of Attorney to encourage everyone to have one.

And, if your circumstances have changed since you last made your Will or Enduring Power of Attorney, we can help you make new ones.

We provide advice on how to distribute estates fairly and how to administer an estate, such as getting the necessary grant of probate or administration. If a dispute arises, we will help you navigate the issues and aim to avoid litigation unless absolutely necessary.


Whatever your business, we can help you plan and execute your ideas, and defend your rights.

Our practical, skilled negotiators will help solve your challenges and minimise damage.

We can tell you about options to get what you want.

We understand conflict and can help you resolve disputes and maintain your business relationships. If necessary, we will professionally litigate on your behalf to deliver you certainty and bring your dispute to an end.

If you are buying, selling or leasing commercial property we can help to negotiate an agreement that is right for you.